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The 30th Anniversary Meeting
Sapporo Symposium on Biological Rhythm

General Information

1. Date

July 25 (Fri) – 27 (Sun), 2014

2. Venue
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
North 5, West 7, North Division, Sapporo, Japan
Hokkaido University Conference Hall
North 8, West 5, North Division, Sapporo, Japan

3. Organizers
Dr. Ken-ichi Honma
Council Chair of the Aschoff and Honma Memorial Foundation
Professor emeritus, Hokkaido University
Dr. Sato Honma
Special Appointed Professor
Department of Chronomedicine, Hokkaido University Graduate
School of Medicine

4. Organizing Committee
Dr. Ken-ichi Honma (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Sato Honma (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Ryosuke Enoki (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Toshiyuki Hamada (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Tomoko Yoshikawa (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Ono Daisuke (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Yoshihiro Hirata (Hokkaido University)

5. Program Committee
Dr. Ken-ichi Honma (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Ryosuke Enoki (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Yositaka Fukada (Tokyo University)
Dr. Sato Honma (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Michihiro Mieda (Kanazawa University)
Dr. Wataru Nakamura (Osaka University)
Dr. Mitsuyuki Nakao (Tohoku University)
Dr. Isao Tokuda (Ritusmeikan University)
Dr. Kazuhiro Yagita (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)


6.Official Language


7. Registration
Registration should be done though the Website of Aschoff and Honma
Memorial Foundation (Site will be open on April 1)
Registration fee
Early Registration (April 1 – June 30, 2014): 5,000 Yen

Late Registration (July 1 – July 27, 2014): 6,000 Yen
Get-together Photo (July 26): 1,500 Yen (option)
Get-together Party (July 26): 6,000 Yen (option)

8. Poster Presentation
Posters are presented on July 26-27 and discussed at Lunch-on-Poster.
Poster Application
 Deadline: JUNE 16, 2014.
Abstract Deadline: JUNE 16, 2014.
Text: within 2,000 characters with title, author names, affiliations,



To poster presenters

The size of a poster board is 90 cm (width) and 180 cm (height). Each board is numbered and used the board of your number indicated in Abstracts.  Drawing pins are available at the desk of poster session.  Display your poster in the morning of the 1st day (8:00 h -, 26 July) and remove it by the end of the symposium (-18:00 h, 27, July). 



Application: Japanese , English 

Application can be made by E-mail :


9. Office
Meeting Office
Department of Chronomedicine, Hokkaido University Graduate
School of Medicine, Sapporo 060-8638, Japan
Tel: 011-706-4737, e-mail:
Foundation Office
Aschoff and Honma Memorial Foundation, Sapporo 064-0915, Japan
Tel: 011-520-2345, e-mail:


25 July, 2014      (Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo)


12:00 Registration

13:00 Memorial Lecture

Ken-ichi Honma (Sapporo)          Biological rhythm researches in the last three decades

13:40 Memorial Symposium              Recent Progress in Biological Rhythm Researches in Japan

Chaired by S. Ebihara and Y. Xu

Hitoshi Okamura (Kyoto)             Jet lag and the vasopressin mediated interneuronal communication in the SCN

Shigenobu Shibata (Tokyo)          Chrono-nutrition and chrono-exercise

15:00-15:20 Coffee

Sato Honma (Sapporo)                Oscillator networks in the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Mitsuyuki Nakao (Sendai)       Network models of photoperiod representation in the suprachiamatic nucleus

16:40 Aschoff Honma Prize in 2014: Awarding Ceremony

17:00 Winner’s Lecture

Chaired by T. Kondo

Carl Johnson (Nashville)             Insights from bacterial clocks to all circadian rhythms



26 July, 2014      (Hokkaido University Conference Center)


8:00 Registration

8:50 Opening Remarks : Sato Honma

9:00 Plenary Symposium 1                       Generation and Expression of Overt Circadian Rhythms

Chaired by S. Shibata and Y. Shigeyoshi

Kazuhiro Yagita (Kyoto)              Molecular mechanisms of circadian clock development in mammalian cells

Henrik Oster (Lübeck)                 Interaction of central and peripheral circadian clocks in mammals

10:20-10:40 Coffee

Kenji Tomioka (Okayama)           Role of opsins in circadian and photoperiodic systems in crickets

John Hogenesch (Philadelphia)     An atlas of circadian transcription in the mouse

12:00 Get Together Picture

12:30-14:00: Luncheon Poster

14:00 Plenary Symposium 2                      Molecular and Cellular Mechanism of Circadian Oscillation

Chaired by H. Okamura and K. Tomioka

Yoshitaka Fukada (Tokyo)           Decoupling of E and M oscillators with dysregulation of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent     protein phosphorylation

Amita Sehgal (Philadelphia)         Circadian control of rest:activity behavior

15:20-15:40 Coffee

Hiroki Ueda (Tokyo)                   Systems and synthetic biology of mammalian circadian clocks

Elizabeth Maywood (Cambridge)  Cerebral circadian coherence – the secret of good sleep

17:00 Plenary Lecture 1     

Chaired by S. Honma

Serge Daan (Groningen)         On the language of biological rhythms

19:00-21:30: Get-together Party (Keio Plaza Hotel)



27 July, 2014      (Hokkaido University Conference Center)


8:00 Registration

9:00 Plenary Symposium 3                       Circadian System in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

Chaired by Y. Fukuda and I. Tokuda

Wataru Nakamura (Osaka)           A physiological function of circadian pacemakers in the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Hugh Piggins (Manchester)          Extrinsic and intrinsic regulation of the Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)

10:20-10:40 Coffee

Michihiro Mieda (Kanazawa)       Genetic dissection of neural mechanisms underlying the central circadian pacemaker

Erik Herzog (St. Louis)               Networked circadian clocks: Maps and Modules

12:00 Luncheon Poster

13:40 Special Lecture

 Chaired by T. Yoshimura

 Andrew Loudon (Manchester)  Bronchiolar clock regulates circadian pulmonary inflammation

14:20 Plenary Symposium 4              A hierarchical Multi-oscillator System: Entrainment

Chaired by K. Yagita and M. Nakao

Takashi Yoshimura (Nagoya)        Universality and diversity in the mechanism of vertebrate seasonal reproduction

Matthew Butler (Portland)       Nonstandard light conditions illuminate entrainment

15:40-16:00 Coffee

 Yasufumi Shigeyoshi (Osaka)    Underlying entraining mechanism from outside to inside of the suprachiasmatic nucleus

 Hanspeter Herzel (Berlin)       Synchronization and chronotypes from a theoretical perspective

17:30 Plenary Lecture 2

Chaired by K. Honma

Takao Kondo (Nagoya)         Circadian pacemaker and oscillator in the clock protein KaiC

18:30 Closing Remarks: Ken-ichi Honma


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