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オランダのJohanna H. Meijer博士に決定 








 博士は、指導者であったグロース博士の突然の逝去にも関わらず、視交叉上核神経活動をin vivoならびにin vitroにおいて測定する神経生理学的研究を継続させ、成功させました。1989年にPhysiological Reviewに掲載された博士の最初の総説は視交叉上核の神経生理的特性を網羅しており、現在においても記憶すべき論文として輝いているだけでなく、博士が当時すでに非凡な才能をもつ研究者であったことを示しております。







The winner of Aschoff and Honma Prize in 2016 is

Dr. Johanna H. Meijer in The Netherlands

  The winner of Aschoff and Honma Prize for Biological Rhythm Research in 2016 was decided to go to Dr. Johanna H. Meijer in the Netherlands, a Professor of Physiology in Leiden University Medical Center. Dr. Meijer was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 26 March, 1959. In 1989, she received her Ph.D. thesis at Leiden University under the supervision of Dr. G. Groos. The awarding ceremony and memorial lecture were held on 9 Nov, 2016 in Sapporo, Japan, the day prior to Sapporo Symposium on Biological Rhythm.


 Dr. Meijer has been involved in chronobiology whole through her scientific carrier. Her research focus has been physiology of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the master circadian clock of mammals, its neural networks and functions of upstream and downstream. She started neurophysiological research on the SCN at the laboratory of the late Dr. G. Groos.

 In spite of her mentor’s unexpected sudden death, she continued and succeeded in neurophysiological approaches, measuring SCN neuronal activity in vivo as well as in vitro. From the very first review article appeared in Physiological Review in 1989, which is still a master peace covering neurophysiological features of the SCN, she already showed outstanding capability in mammalian circadian physiology.

 By measuring SCN neuronal activities and behavioral activities in various conditions, she has revealed how SCN neurons code seasonal time cues and how neuronal activities are reflected in behavioral outputs. Her recent studies also extended to translational aspects of circadian clocks, such as metabolism and aging. Her beautiful works also covers a charming field study of “Wheel running in the wild”.

  Although it is useless to add to above her scientific contributions to our community, she is a mother of three children and she keeps beautiful house in Leiden.

(from the recommendation note for the selection committee)

The winner of Aschoff-Honma Prize

The awarding ceremony Dr. Johanna H. Meijer (The winner of Aschoff and Honma Prize in 2016), Dr.Ken-ichi Honma

Memorial lecture

Memorial lecture Dr. Johanna H. Meijer (The winner of Aschoff and Honma Prize in 2016)

The awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony Dr. Johanna H. Meijer (The winner of Aschoff and Honma Prize in 2016)

Memorial Concert

Memorial Concert

2016.11.09 Awarding Ceremony
2016.11.09 Awarding Ceremony
2016.11.09 Awarding Ceremony
20161109 Memorial  lecture
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